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August 2016

IPv4 and IPv6 CIDR grouping/breakdown

When selecting dimensions in Data Explorer, users now can configure separate aggregation/grouping levels for IPv4 or IPv6, from a single location in the Query Side Panel:


Kentik support for nProbe

Detailed steps to get setup with nProbe and Kentik are detailed over in this Knowledge Base section.

nProbe now allows you to export flow data to Kentik Detect’s Flow Data platform, unveiling a whole new array of host-level traffic and performance info.While previously limited to flow-data from your networking gear, Kentik now brings server/data-center level metrics to the powerful performance analysis tools it already offers (Custom Dimensions, Tagging, Filtering…).

With nProbe able to send flow data to the Kentik Detect big data platform, the realm of query-able metrics now extends to network performance for such devices, including:

  • Retransmits/s, %Retransmits,
  • Out of Order/s, %Out of Order,
  • Fragments/s, %Fragments,
  • RTT/2 Client latency
  • RTT/2 Server latency
  • RTT/2 Application latency

This first set of performance metrics paves the way for the future addition of application-specific Dimensions to enrich flows exported from servers.
The screenshot below shows how registration of nProbe hosts happens in the Kentik Detect Portal:


Multiple time series

The multiple time series view options will soon enough be detailed in this section of our knowledge base.

Currently in its Beta stage, this feature now allows you to combine multiple graphs in the Data Explorer (and dashboards) into one single, comprehensively configurable representation. This can prove handy when trying to establish causality between different observed phenomena.

Below is a simplistic view of Destination and Source traffic broken down by ASNs:

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