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February 2018

By Laurie Kellogg | Mar 8, 2018

We are halfway through the first quarter of 2018 and once again we have a bunch of exciting new updates to Kentik Detect® to share with you. As mentioned in previous updates, a lot of development work these days is focused on easy of use for both technical and non-technical users. But we also made […]

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January 2018

By Laurie Kellogg | Feb 8, 2018

Once again our developers have been keeping busy, kicking off the new year with exciting new features and updates to Kentik Detect®. A lot of development cycles recently have been going towards Dashboard enhancements that make it even faster for users — both technical and non-technical — to find the information they need. But we’ve […]

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December 2017

By Laurie Kellogg | Jan 8, 2018

As usual, our development team has been hard at work, even over the holidays. So as you settle back into your work for the new year, take a minute to check out the latest features and functionality we’ve added to Kentik Detect®. Network Classification We are constantly looking for ways to make Kentik Detect easier […]

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November 2017

By Philip De Lancie | Nov 28, 2017

It’s been another busy month at Kentik. Building on the new stack that we recently deployed for our V3 portal UI, we have a host of new enhancements, large and small, to share with you in this month’s product update, including support for Single Sign-on (SSO), our new “guided mode” dashboards, ongoing Data Explorer enhancements, and Alerting that’s been redesigned for easier use.

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October 2017

By Philip De Lancie | Nov 14, 2017

As an avid follower of Kentik Detect you've no doubt noticed by now that we haven't published a product update since July. But the fact that we're long overdue doesn't mean that our team hasn't been hard at work. Let's take a look at some of the cool new features we've been developing and deploying. […]

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July 2017

By Philip De Lancie | Aug 2, 2017

Interface Classification Much of our development effort in July was directed toward under-the-hood improvements that will make it faster for us to innovate in response to customer needs and feedback (more on this in coming months). At the same time, we haven't lost our focus on practical ways to make daily operations easier. With that […]

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June 2017

By Philip De Lancie | Jun 20, 2017

Enhanced Account Security We've enhanced account security by incorporating email activation and TOTP 2-factor authentication. Email activation workflows When first creating your account, and also when changing your password, you'll now be sent an email to which you'll be required to respond in order to complete the remaining steps in the process. This change applies […]

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May 2017

By Philip De Lancie | May 25, 2017

This May, our engineering team has released a few significant update: we’ve further streamlined our first foray in to NPM with a v2 release of our nProbe-based solution.
We have also been ramping up user security by rolling out Access Control Lists to govern Web Portal, API and SQL access to Kentik via configurable access lists.
More secure SNMP v3 is now generally available when registering devices, and our Alerting system now integrates with your Pager Duty setup, while it has also been made weekend aware.

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April 2017

By Greg Villain | Apr 13, 2017

Ultimate Exit Release #1 Fasten your seat-belts, this one is a big deal. It’s the first release within a bigger plan for end-to-end visibility of your traffic, which is a holy grail objective of flow data reconciliation. What do we mean by “end-to-end visibility”? It means an easy way to figure out what volumes of […]

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March 2017

By Laurie Kellogg | Mar 15, 2017

Kentik’s engineering team busy at work this March 2017, and we’re happy to bring you updates on a lot of anticipated features:
Major Alerting/Anomaly Detection add-ons (including one of your most popular requests: JSON Alert Webhooks), an entirely new Route Traffic tool in our Analysis section, Interfaces Overrides, additional native flow columns (Interface Capacity, Packet Sizes…), as well as a flurry of new User Preferences.

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