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How Kentik Detect® is Better

Kentik Detect’s architecture is expressly optimized for the requirements of network intelligence. Alternative approaches fall short in key areas, resulting in significant shortcomings in performance, capacity, and usability. Here’s a look at several key attributes and capabilities of Kentik’s solution and how often they are matched in other types of visibility products.






Solution Requirements

Kentik Detect®

Enterprise Appliance

Downloadable Software

Open Source

Massively Scalable

Unlimited total volume of flow data for both ingest and storage

Fast access

See flow data within seconds of receipt

Quick querying

Results in under 2 seconds (95th percentile) from ad-hoc queries across billions of rows

Multi-dimensional Analytics

Choose from dozens of dimensions, group by up to eight at a time

Long-term Raw Data Retention

Query full-resolution flow data for at least 90 days

Fast, Accurate DDoS Detection

Adaptive baselining, unlimited filtering, automated hybrid mitigation (RTBH, Radware, A10, etc.)

Unified View

One-stop access, from total traffic to individual flows

Sophisticated Filtering

Unlimited filters over any combination of flow fields

Network Anomaly Detection

Multi-dimensional, adaptive baselining, unlimited filtering, flexible comparison modes

Open Integration

Full-featured REST API for queries and configuration

SQL-based query language

Automate via SQL libraries and scriptable clients

Customizable and Flexible

Generate dashboards from any queries, create custom fields with automatically derived values

SaaS or On Premises

Deploy securely in the cloud or in your data center

No-hassle Deployment

Fast sign-up, easy device registration

Zero Maintenance

No hardware costs (SaaS), transparent upgrades

Affordable and Cost-effective

Priced per device; convenient annual subscription

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