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Industry’s Most Powerful Network Traffic Analysis Solution

Kentik Detect is the first NetFlow analysis solution built from the ground up on a big data engine and delivered as an easy to use SaaS.  Kentik Detect stores raw flow records, BGP and other data for 90 days, and offers powerful analyses on billions of data points in seconds.  


Introduction to Kentik

Presenter:  Avi Freedman


Kentik Detect Overview

Presenter:  Avi Freedman


Kentik Data Engine

Presenter:  Ian Pye, Kentik Co-Founder


Kentik Ad-Hoc Analysis

Presenter:  Jim Meehan, Solutions Eng. Director


Alerting & Anomaly Detection

Presenter:  Jim Meehan


Performance & Security Analysis

Presenter:  Avi Freedman, CEO



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Learn how much more scalable and detailed NetFlow visibility can be when built on a big data foundation.  Get the the Kentik Detect Overview White Paper now (we’ll email to you).

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Ad-Hoc Traffic Analysis

Ad-Hoc Traffic Analysis

  • Analyze billions of raw flow records in seconds
  • Powerful ad hoc, multi-dimensional analytics
  • Easy to create dashboards
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DDoS and Anomaly Detection

DDoS and Anomaly Detection

  • Network-wide, flexible alerts with host-level granularity
  • Easily jump from alerts to deeper analysis
  • Fewer false positives
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Intuitive Peering Analytics

Intuitive Peering Analytics

  • Visualize traffic for peering and transit interconnects
  • BGP Path, Neighbor, Next-Hop, Origin and Country views
  • Reduce costs and improve user experience
  • Find downstream business opportunities
Landing Page Quote

Landing Page Quote

“Kentik has given us the insight and visibility that we have not been able to achieve through other network performance monitoring products or open source tools. With over 100 million average monthly unique visitors coming to Yelp, we see traffic reaching many gigabits per second, so it’s critical for us to be able to look deeply into all network traffic in real time and gain real insight. That’s where Kentik has helped. We can see things we simply couldn’t see before.”

— Sam Eaton, Director of Engineering Operations

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