Kentik - Network Flow Analytics

Easily, the world’s most powerful NetFlow Analyser.

Kentik is the modern NetFlow analyser that blows away appliance-based alternatives. Get the details and the big picture insight you need, at any scale, to keep your infrastructure performant, reliable, and secure.

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Why Kentik?

Any scale.

Patented backend built to handle the scale needs of the world’s largest networks.

Lightning fast.

Distill months of raw NetFlow on the fly to get the answers you need in seconds.

Every detail.

Complete archive of network activity without roll-ups or aggregation. No more data dead ends.

Real context.

Instantly label NetFlow data with business context like service and location names, geo, and routing.

Data your way.

Put each user’s workflow front and center with fully customizable dashboards and views.

Deploys anywhere.

See your entire infrastructure — traditional, cloud or hybrid — in a single pane.

Easy analytics. Powerful visualization. Instant insight.

Build better networks

Build better networks

Plan and optimize your traditional, cloud or hybrid infrastructure using facts, not guesswork.
Build better teams

Build better teams

Collaborate across NetOps, SecOps and DevOps to resolve problems faster using a single source of truth.
Build a better company

Build a better company

Transform your network from a cost center into a source of critical business intelligence.

From our customers

Kentik is easy to use, making it a great resource for several groups within our organization. The platform is also engineered by a knowledgeable team with deep industry experience who continuously roll out valuable new features to help us turn network data into business intelligence.” — Aaron Weintraub, Principal Engineer

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