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Why choose Kentik over Catchpoint?

Get performance metrics and traffic analytics side-by-side

Gain better insight into the digital experience of your end users

Ensure that the network delivers great experiences

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Get real!

Kentik’s traffic analytics tell you what’s really happening in your network — what applications are being used, and which ISPs and clouds they traverse. Performance metrics and traffic data together give you a real-world understanding.
See a problem router in Path View and determine root cause using detailed device metrics.

Why choose Kentik over Catchpoint?

Autonomous, scenario-based testing
Test what matters
Tests updated automatically
e.g., when traffic patterns change
Correlate real traffic to synthetic measurements
Know the impact of spikes
SNMP and traffic infused path visualization
Go beyond detection to root cause
Troubleshooting workflows
Richer BGP data set
Number and diversity of vantage points
Free state of the internet tests
SaaS apps, public clouds, BGP Route Viewer, public DNS services
High-density bi-directional mesh tests
High-density grid tests
Find the one bad test among thousands
Continuous testing for latency-sensitive applications
SaaS apps, cloud regions, BGP Route Viewer, and DNS performance
Yes, down to 1-second frequencyOnly 1-minute frequency
Integrated with AWS infrastructure
See the performance of inter-VPC routing and Direct Connects to your private cloud
Integrated NetFlow + VPC flow logs + synthetics in one place
Private (enterprise) agent install
Easy / automatable / lightweightManual / cumbersome to install
Published pricing
Millions of test credits included
Yes, see pricing
Data visualizations
Over 70 preset visualizations13+

Three reasons customers love Kentik Synthetics

So simple

See the big picture in one place. Set up high-scale, multi-site performance mesh tests with just a few clicks. Our matrix view and visual cues show you problems anywhere — at a glance. See how applications are running between data centers and public clouds.

Cloud too

Monitor the AWS services that you depend on. See the network performance within and between cloud regions. See up to 3 years of history, view status codes, and see if DNS lookups are up to snuff. Identify the regions and VPCs that communicated with services and look at the traffic volumes.

Sensible pricing

Packaging tuned to meet your needs. Pay for what you use. Get lots of stuff included: SaaS application monitor, BGP Route Viewer, cloud regions, and DNS tests. Synthetic test credits are included at no additional charge and additional credits are available at low rates. See the details.
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