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Kentik is offering France-IX members a single, free of charge license for Kentik Detect, the industry’s leading big data NetFlow analysis solution.

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Industry’s Most Powerful Network Traffic Analysis Solution

Kentik Detect is the first NetFlow analysis solution built from the ground up on a big data engine and delivered as an easy to use SaaS.  Kentik Detect stores raw flow records, BGP and other data for 90 days, and offers powerful analyses on billions of data points in seconds.  


Ad-Hoc Traffic Analysis

  • Analyze billions of raw flow records in seconds
  • Powerful ad hoc, multi-dimensional analytics
  • Easy to create dashboards

DDoS and Anomaly Detection

  • Network-wide, flexible alerts with host-level granularity
  • Easily jump from alerts to deeper analysis
  • Fewer false positives

Intuitive Peering Analytics

  • Visualize traffic for peering and transit interconnects
  • BGP Path, Neighbor, Next-Hop, Origin and Country views
  • Reduce costs and improve user experience
  • Find downstream business opportunities

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When you’re handling several hundred gigabits of network traffic each second, effective DDoS detection and traffic engineering insights are critical. At Dailymotion we’ve been looking to replace our open source tools with a solution that can handle our volume and is fast, flexible, scalable, and easy to use. After testing several market-leading systems we chose Kentik Detect, which provides us with the metrics and insights we need to understand everything about our traffic.

— Christian De Balorre, Network Architect

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