Kentik - Network Flow Analytics

Media and Entertainment

Consumers of streaming content are acutely sensitive to quality of service. Even when the weak link is the ISP or CDN, if they’re seeing your logo, you’re the one they’ll blame. To protect your reputation — and ultimately your market share — you need a clear picture of how your content is reaching your audience. Kentik measures performance on real traffic and provides powerful NPM analytics that let you identify and troubleshoot issues before they affect your viewers.

Solutions for Media and Entertainment

Internet Insight
Cloud and Data Center
Security and DDoS

WAN / SD-WAN Monitoring

Gain deep insight into actual WAN / SD-WAN traffic delivery to optimize end-to-end performance, defend against DDoS attacks, and drive network automation. Learn more.


  • Improve user experience
  • Ensure success of new SD-WAN implementations

Internet Performance

Manage your external connectivity with a per-provider understanding of performance across both internal network and Internet paths. Find out more.


  • Improve customer experience
  • Reduce MTTR and MTTI by 40%
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