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Media and Entertainment

Consumers of streaming content are acutely sensitive to quality of service. Even when the weak link is the ISP or CDN, if they’re seeing your logo, you’re the one they’ll blame. To protect your reputation — and ultimately your market share — you need a clear picture of how your content is reaching your audience. Kentik measures performance on real traffic and provides powerful NPM analytics that let you identify and troubleshoot issues before they affect your viewers.

“When you’re handling several hundred gigabits of network traffic each second, effective DDoS detection and traffic engineering insights are critical. At Dailymotion we’ve been looking to replace our open source tools with a solution that can handle our volume and is fast, flexible, scalable, and easy to use. After testing several market-leading systems we chose Kentik Detect, which provides us with the metrics and insights we need to understand everything about our traffic.”

Christian de Balorre, Network Architect, dailymotion

“With Kentik, we are now analyzing our network traffic and, at the same time, optimizing it for both the listener and the artist. Nothing is more frustrating than not having a solid connection to whatever service you’re using, and Kentik incredibly helps us with that.”

James Kelty, Senior Director of Network Operations and Engineering, Pandora


“Kentik has given us the insight and visibility that we haven’t been able to achieve through other network performance monitoring products or open source tools. With over 100 million average monthly unique visitors coming to Yelp, we see traffic reaching many gigabits per second, so it’s critical for us to be able to look deeply into all network traffic in a real time and gain real insight. That’s where Kentik has helped. We can see things we simply couldn’t see before.”

Sam Eaton, VP Engineering, Operations & Infrastructure, Yelp

Solutions for Media and Entertainment

WAN / SD-WAN Monitoring

Gain deep insight into actual WAN / SD-WAN traffic delivery to optimize end-to-end performance, defend against DDoS attacks, and drive network automation.
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  • Improve user experience
  • Ensure success of new SD-WAN implementations

Internet Performance Management

Manage your external connectivity with a per-provider understanding of performance across both internal network and Internet paths.
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  • Improve customer experience
  • Reduce MTTR and MTTI by 40%

Data Center Visibility

Gain deep insights into east-west traffic and changes to applications or infrastructure. Leverage real-time, granular visibility to quickly investigate issues, drill down to root causes, and inform your response.
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  • Proactively detect congestion, network element hot spots, outages, and other traffic anomalies
  • Quickly uncover root cause by drilling down on top contributors and understand how they map to physical or logical infrastructure
  • Optimize VM, container or service placements to minimize network load
  • Reduce MTTR and MTTI by 40% or more*

Hybrid Cloud Visibility

Get a single-pane view of traffic flow across your entire app stack, regardless of whether components are deployed in private, public, or hybrid clouds. Zoom in for high-resolution details of individual flows, or out for holistic views of overall service health and user experience.
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  • Understand service dependencies between new and old infrastructure
  • Plan and benchmark application migration projects
  • Plan capacity investment by seeing volume trends between on- and off-net service locations

Application-Aware Network Performance

Understand the performance of actual traffic delivery from modern applications and infrastructure across all paths to the end-user.
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  • Eliminate critical performance blind spots
  • Find and resolve performance problems before they are noticeable to users

Network Forensics

Give your NetOps and SecOps teams the industry’s most scalable raw flow storage and rapid ad-hoc query capabilities to support proactive and forensic analytics.
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  • Leverage Kentik’s unique Big Data engine to retain and explore months of unsummarized traffic data – answer any ad hoc question within moments
  • Drive NetOps / SecOps collaboration and data sharing with in-context insights
  • Continuously strengthen your overall security posture

Cyber Threat Hunting

The network plays a critical role in securing the enterprise – it carries the threats, connects everything and everyone, and is the only pervasive sensor. As a result, network data is a primary defensive weapon against all manners of cyber threats. Kentik’s security-aware traffic analytics platform gives SecOps and NetOps teams the pervasive, granular visibility they need for proactive, accurate threat detection and improved overall security posture.
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  • Turn your network into a powerful, pervasive security sensor using Kentik’s adaptive baselining and real-time anomaly detection
  • Drive NetOps / SecOps collaboration and data sharing with in-context insights for faster detection and mitigation
  • Leverage internal and Kentik threat intelligence to get visibility into potentially infected hosts

Digital Transformation Tracking

In a hyper-connected world, the future of your enterprise depends on Internet-centric, cloud-scale networking. To navigate this digital transformation you need timely, comprehensive information. With Kentik Detect, you’ll have complete details on status, utilization, and performance across your infrastructure, cloud, and applications.
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  • Actual network traffic gives you hard data on progress toward digital transformation goals
  • Gain insights into BYOD, Cloud, SaaS, and App Modernization initiatives
  • Easily create dashboards and KPIs that can be shared across the organization
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