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4 billion people. Billions more devices. 1.8 zettabytes of traffic. As a provider of access and connectivity, you’re scrambling to keep pace. How do you grow revenue — fast — while balancing security, performance, service levels, and costs? You need comprehensive network traffic intelligence, so you can see both the forest and the trees. That’s what Kentik Detect delivers for network, security, and business teams.
  • “We are able to view traffic on a much more granular level using the built-in query engine. This allows us to drill into traffic data and make more effective decisions during project planning phases.”
    Dylan Mendes, Engineer
  • “Given the sheer scale and complexity of our network and the amount of data it generates, network planning analyses often took days to compile. Using Kentik Detect, our team gets valuable insights about our network within seconds.”
    Toru Maruta, General Manager, IP Network Department
  • “DDoS was the primary driver for selecting Kentik, and their integration into our DDoS automation solution has been exceptional. We have also benefited from Kentik in regards to understanding our international traffic flows and security.”
    Rick Carter, Head of Networks
  • “When we deployed Kentik, we quickly gained live security monitoring and security investigation insights. With such good visibility from Kentik, we’re able to offload traffic that’s malicious in nature with a much greater degree of accuracy.”
    Alex Kitthikoune, Network Administrator
  • “Kentik allows us to provide network analytics to our customers, making our jobs much easier. When Kentik reports are shown to customers, it also builds their trust.”
    Adan Mendoza, Network Administrator
  • “Kentik has made it easier for us to provide great service to our customers.”
    Brad Lyon, CEO
  • “Kentik is vital to protecting us from everything externally while keeping our network easy to manage.”
    Clayton Costa, Network Administrator
  • “Kentik is really easy to deploy and use. It’s fast, reliable and the user interface is extremely intuitive and workflow-friendly. The fact that it’s a cloud-based solution makes the investment so much easier to pitch to upper management.”
    Luis Balbinot, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • “With Kentik, we can easily find out how a particular customer affects our network.”
    Akash Arya, Network Administrator
  • “The Kentik solution provides us with immense visibility across our global network footprint. Additionally, it is a key component of our DDoS protection platform and serves us well.”
    Ryan Crouch, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • We have been able to much more efficiently redesign our Internet peerings in order to balance traffic between providers, as we could see exactly how traffic was flowing to a given network. The ability to dig in with such granularity is one of the best features of Kentik for us.
    Multi State Cable MSO

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