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Hosting and Cloud Infrastructure

Huge and growing fast, the hosting and cloud market is intensely competitive. As customers demand ever-higher performance, convenience, and security, you can’t afford a commodity mindset. Instead, start seeing your network as a rich resource for technical and business intelligence. Network traffic analytics from Kentik help you optimize performance, gain critical operational and capital efficiencies, and launch differentiated services that generate new revenue.

“For less than the support costs of our previous appliance-based tool, Kentik provides us with a far-stronger solution that powers a new level network visibility, scale, and security for our customers.”

Ian McClarty, President, phoenixNAP


“Kentik gives us a level of visibility within our infrastructure that we just didn’t have before, and which we didn’t find in any other approach that we considered or evaluated.”

Steve DeJong, Network Architect, Neustar


“We now know immediately if we have a security or performance problem. We know when there are spikes or drops in traffic for a client, and we can quickly investigate to understand the cause. We can tie network traffic events to specific carriers or infrastructure components, and ultimately, better support our customers. With Kentik in place, we have full visibility into our network traffic.”

Danny Fuentes, Director of Information Systems, phoenixNAP


“Given the sheer scale and complexity of our network and the amount of data it generates, network planning analyses often took days to compile. Using Kentik Detect, our team gets valuable insights about our network within seconds.”

Toru Maruta, General Manager, IP Network Department, KDDI


Solutions for Hosting and Cloud Infrastructure

Peering and Interconnection

Demystify the interaction of downstream and transit traffic flows to help identify peering opportunities, optimize routing, and negotiate more favorable contracts.
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  • Lower transit costs
  • Control service performance

Traffic Engineering

Ensure that traffic delivery conforms to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and maximizes utilization of costly network resources.
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  • Ensure service quality
  • Defer upgrades and contain cost

Capacity Planning

Gain integrated insights into network capacity, utilization, performance, and traffic composition to ensure the best service delivery at the lowest cost.
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  • Eliminate or defer CAPEX spending
  • Optimize service quality

Data Center Visibility

Gain deep insights into east-west traffic and changes to applications or infrastructure. Leverage real-time, granular visibility to quickly investigate issues, drill down to root causes, and inform your response.
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  • Proactively detect congestion, network element hot spots, outages, and other traffic anomalies
  • Quickly uncover root cause by drilling down on top contributors and understand how they map to physical or logical infrastructure
  • Optimize VM, container or service placements to minimize network load
  • Reduce MTTR and MTTI by 40% or more*

DNS Monitoring

Kentik Detect enables you to closely monitor DNS infrastructure to ensure availability and performance. Detect anomalies that signal potential issues, and analyze performance based on actual user traffic rather than pre-defined tests.
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  • Gain deep insight into performance and patterns of actual DNS traffic
  • Ensure optimal DNS performance with real-time anomaly detection and alerting on any monitored parameter
  • Reduce network and infrastructure abuse

DDoS Defense

Get the industry’s most accurate detection of DDoS attacks. Multi-level thresholds escalate threats as they develop, and built-in integrations enable automated triggers for internal or third-party mitigation.
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  • Detect and defend up to 50% more attacks* (from techvalidate)
  • Enable turn-key, vendor-neutral protection
  • Utilize a single platform for attack detection, mitigation, and investigation
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