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With explosive growth and massive technology shifts (video, mobile, IoT), the wholesale service provider market abounds with opportunities and challenges. Incumbents and startups alike know that network infrastructure is not enough in this competitive environment. The future of your business depends on your ability to plan, deliver, automate, and protect high-value services. For that you need the traffic data insights that only Kentik can reveal.
  • “Kentik has the best feature functionality on the market and has substantially reduced our MTTR for customer, peering, and transit-related issues. It’s rare to be able to leverage one product for value in so many different and useful ways across the organization, but with Kentik, we’ve been able to do just that.”
    Julien Vaught, Vice President of Network Architecture and Engineering
  • “Kentik is extraordinary! We improved our operations to stop DDoS attacks, and we achieved improved OPEX savings with Kentik's analytics between international, local and CDN traffic. For routing troubleshooting purposes, Kentik has been awesome, too. For a problem that may have taken two hours to fix, with Kentik we can now resolve it in 10 minutes.”
    Jose Nilson Camargo, Regional Solutions Architect
  • “We had huge bursts in IP transit usage and we didn't know where they were coming from, costing us a large amount in burst fees. With Kentik, we were able to identify the cause and look at new peering agreements to improve traffic flow.”
    Thomas Bishop, Chief Information Officer
  • “Given the sheer scale and complexity of our network and the amount of data it generates, network planning analyses often took days to compile. Using Kentik Detect, our team gets valuable insights about our network within seconds.”
    Toru Maruta, General Manager, IP Network Department
  • “Network analysis that would take hours with traditional flow storage and tooling can be done with Kentik in seconds. Kentik allows you to explore your traffic in ways you wouldn’t even think of with legacy in-house tools.”
    Senior IT Architect, Leading Global CDN

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