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The State of Network Management in 2018

Using RTBH to Trigger Cloud Scrubbing

With the continuous increase in DDoS attack volumes, cloud DDoS mitigation has become a very popular and powerful solution. While the Remote Trigger Black Hole mitigation feature within Kentik Detect® was designed to black hole DDoS attack traffic, the same implementation can be extended for use as a trigger for most cloud scrubbing DDoS services.
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Network Domain Analytics Sets Stage for Automation

In this Heavy Reading white paper, analyst Sandra O'Boyle explains how and why carriers, mobile operators and MSOs need to transform into data-driven organizations by adopting modern network analytics platforms. Getting a better grip on real-time data is important for network operations efficiencies in the short term. Long-term, the journey to automated operations simply won't happen without first establishing a culture of mastery of data and analytics.
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Accuracy in Low-Volume NetFlow Sampling

NetFlow data can tell you a lot about the traffic across your network, but it can require significant resources to collect. That's why flow data is often collected from a sampled subset of total traffic. This blog post reprint shows how to test whether sampling obscures low-volume flows within high overall traffic.
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Why the Adoption of NFV Mandates a Big Data Management Approach

With the advent of NFV comes disaggregation, virtualization, and automation, which can lead to breakdowns in traditional approaches to network management. Effective adoption of NFV therefore requires CSPs to pivot from traditional tools towards both pervasive data collection and big data analytics. Learn more in this white paper by analyst Jim Metzler.
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The Case for Big Data-Powered DDoS Protection

Once an occasional annoyance, DDoS attacks have metastasized into an existential threat for every Internet-centric organization. Unfortunately traditional DDoS protection hasn’t kept up. It’s time to move beyond first generation answers and embrace cloud-scale, big data enabled solutions.
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Kentik Overview

Kentik has an innovative approach to realtime operations visibility and anomaly detection for managing modern networks - one that throws off the limitations of older legacy approaches. Our big data engine shatters scalability barriers for collecting data and presenting traffic and performance insights. Get the overview here and get to Know Your Network. Now.
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Kentik Data Engine

Kentik Data Engine is a unique post-Hadoop Big Data backend that's built to ingest and query network data at massive speed and scale. Multi-tenant, HA, and secure, KDE unifies flow records into a time-series database with BGP and GeoIP data, stores unsummarized data for months, and returns answers to ad hoc queries over billions of records in just a few seconds.
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