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How Network Visibility Enhances Security of Multi-Tenant Environments

How the Internet is Changing the Enterprise Network

Between cloud, SaaS, APIs, WAN, and CDNs, enterprises increasingly rely on the internet to supply and deliver their business ㄧ and it’s subsequently adding new complexities to their networks. In this webinar, guest speaker and Forrester analyst Andre Kindness and Kentik Co-founder and CEO Avi Freedman reveal how to use network analytics and monitoring for business visibility.
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The Age of DDoS Requires Big Data Analytics

The age of DDoS means frequent, multi-vector attacks from an industrialized dark economy of attack providers. Hear the latest DDoS trends, recommendations and how big data traffic intelligence offers far more accurate detection and automated mitigation that increases your protection. Featuring Kentik VP Product Marketing Alex Henthorn-Iwane and guest speaker Forrester Research Senior Analyst Joseph Blankenship.
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Big Data DDoS Protection

If you haven’t been following cyber-security news recently, the DDoS arms race has just escalated in a fairly significant fashion. If your business depends on internet traffic, you should be concerned about how to properly defend yourself. Join Alex Henthorn-Iwane, VP of Marketing at Kentik, as he presents how you can improve your DDoS detection by 30% over traditional appliance-based solutions.
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Network Performance Management for Cloud & Digital Operations

NetFlow analysis is in its third decade, and many of the architectures that have defined the space are looking pretty long in the tooth. As network function virtualization and DevOps leads IT organizations towards greater cloud and automation orientation, commercial NetFlow analysis tools have largely stuck to Windows software or hardware appliances.
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Post-Hadoop Network Traffic Analytics

Network data is big data. Modern networks can easily generate hundreds of millions to billions of data records per day. That data is a wealth of network operations, network security and business insights.
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