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Using RTBH to Trigger Cloud Scrubbing

With the continuous increase in DDoS attack volumes, cloud DDoS mitigation has become a very popular and powerful solution. While the Remote Trigger Black Hole mitigation feature within Kentik Detect® was designed to black hole DDoS attack traffic, the same implementation can be extended for use as a trigger for most cloud scrubbing DDoS services.
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NFD16: Kentik Detect for DDoS and Alerting

Jim Meehan, Director of Solutions Engineering at Kentik, reviews Kentik Detect's alerting capabilities. The solution comes with predefined alert parameters around capacity, general anomalies, and DDoS threats, but these can also be defined per user preference. This can include specific filters and datasets, as well as historical baselines for context.
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Digital Enterprises

Web, SaaS, e-commerce, and sharing economy companies are moving faster, driving greater performance, and protecting their business with help from Kentik.
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