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Using CDN Attribution

While CDNs been around for years, the popularity of streaming services has pushed their traffic volume to a whole new level, causing Network Operations teams to see an explosion in traffic. Identifying the CDNs associated with their traffic has long been a challenge for these teams, but it’s gotten much easier with the introduction of the new CDN Attribution feature in Kentik Detect.
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NFD16: Kentik Detect for Network Peering and Planning

Jim Meehan, Director of Solutions Engineering at Kentik, reviews using Kentik Detect for network peering analysis and planning purposes. This can be used by service providers, content source networks, and CDNs. Because Kentik Detect correlates flow data with other variables at full resolution, it gives organizations clear information to prioritize traffic for cost and performance.
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Kentik Peering and Interconnection

The payoff from peering analytics can be huge — lower costs, more control, better performance. But it’s a game of three dimensional chess where the pieces and the board change constantly. Crack the code, and you create a permanent competitive advantage for your business.
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The Network Doesn’t Just Run the Business, It Sees the Business

Jim Frey presented on how the shift to digital business is changing the way that enterprises need to be thinking about the network. It's not just a utility, but it's a critical source for intelligence on how the digital business is performing. Drawing from observations from Gartner and his own research as former senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates, Jim shows why a big data approach to network visibility is needed for mature digital business operations.
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