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The State of Network Management in 2018

Kentik Platform Overview

Kentik provides the first Network Traffic Intelligence platform, unifying network operations, performance, security, and business intelligence. With a purpose-built big data engine delivered as public or private SaaS, Kentik captures a high-resolution view of your actual network traffic data and enriches it with critical application and business data.
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Kentik Solutions Overview

Enterprises and service providers come to Kentik for internet and WAN insight, data center and cloud performance, threat detection and attack prevention, and network business intelligence. This brief highlights the benefits of Kentik's robust solutions.
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NFD16: The Kentik Detect SaaS Platform

Jim Meehan, Director of Solutions Engineering at Kentik, reviews the UI and functionality of Kentik Detect, the SaaS-based network traffic intelligence platform. It's designed to keep the full resolution of network flow data, rather than an aggregated ingest. This enables the creation of summary reports, while still allowing for drill down into very narrow pieces of data.
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NFD 16

NFD16: Kentik Data Engine

Kentik Co-founder & CEO Avi Freedman provides a technical overview of the Kentik Data Engine (KDE). It is run in the cloud and designed for the particularly high ingest required to maintain full resolution of all network flow data. KDE allows for real-time stream processing of network traffic for anomaly detection. Avi goes into the details of how the system was designed from the ground up for that specific purpose.
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