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How Race Communications Used Kentik to Stop Mirai Botnet Infection and Abuse

May 21, 2019

Customer success engineer Dan Kelly explains how Race Communications used Kentik’s powerful network analytics to identify malicious traffic associated with the Mirai botnet, determine which of Race Communications’ customer IP addresses were being exploited, save its online IP reputation and fend off other types of DDoS and botnet attacks.

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Big Data DDoS Protection vs the DDoS Marketplaces Threat

November 21, 2016

The source of DDoS attacks is typically depicted as a hoodie-wearing amateur. But the more serious threat is actually a well-developed marketplace for exploits, with vendors whose state-of-the-art technology can easily overwhelm legacy detection systems. In this post we look why you need the firepower of big data to fend off this new breed of commercial attackers.

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DDoS Detection: Separating Friend from Foe

November 23, 2015

DDoS attacks impact profits by interrupting revenue and undermining customer satisfaction. To minimize damage, operators must be able to rapidly determine if a traffic spike is a true attack and then to quickly gather the key information required for mitigation. Kentik Detect’s Data Explorer is ideal for precisely that sort of drill-down.

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