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Recognize attacks quickly and accurately

Kentik Detect™ continuously monitors incoming traffic data, alerts you in seconds of attack-related anomalies, and orchestrates a hybrid mitigation response using an array of best-of-breed third-party solutions. With field-proven accuracy that’s 30-percent better than legacy detection methods, Kentik Detect delivers the industry’s most advanced DDoS detection and mitigation.

Adaptive anomaly detection

Kentik Detect is built on a distributed big data backend that enables continuous multi-dimensional monitoring of millions of IPs, and allows IPs with the most significant traffic to be adaptively baselined and measured for anomalies. The result is DDoS detection with both accuracy and scale.

Automated, hybrid mitigation

What’s the right mitigation response to a DDoS attack? The answer depends on the nature of the attack and the specifics of your network. So instead of locking you into a monolithic system that limits your options, Kentik Detect let’s you craft an orchestrated, hybrid approach that’s most appropriate to your situation.

Go deeper with analytics

Our Data Explorer uses powerful visualization and filtering to help you dig into the origin and nature of attacks, returning answers in seconds to multidimensional queries across billions of unsummarized flow records correlated with BGP and GeoIP.

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“When we first deployed Kentik Detect, we started seeing attacks that weren’t being caught by our previous DDoS defense solution. Once we set Kentik Detect to automatically trigger mitigation via our Radware DefenseFlow platform, the constant pattern of interrupts and firefighting really quieted down.”

— Frank Clements, Engineering Manager

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