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Posts by Ian Applegate, Co-founder & Chief Architect

The Evolution of Docker

By Ian Applegate, Co-founder & Chief Architect | Feb 2, 2016
Network Management, Technology

How does a SaaS company like Kentik simultaneously offer its service in the cloud and on-premises while avoiding a development and deployment nightmare? It’s all about designing for process isolation, so services can run statelessly and independently within a container. In this post we look at the long evolution of process isolation, culminating in the advent of Docker and the ability for companies like ours to sanely deploy to a single, consistent environment across multiple settings.

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Kentik’s Operational DNA

By Ian Applegate, Co-founder & Chief Architect | Jun 30, 2015
Kentik Inc

One of the earliest lessons you learn when you’re running networks is that to control a network you have to know what that network is doing. With extensive experience building and running some of the largest network infrastructure in the world, including Akamai, Netflix, YouTube, and CloudFlare, the founders and executives here at Kentik have […]

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