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Month: February 2018

The Future of DDoS Protection in an IoT World

By Ken Osowski, Independent Industry Consultant | Feb 22, 2018
DDoS Protection

IoT represents a massive threat to network infrastructure, as seen in widely publicized IoT-based DDoS attacks like Mirai. So what needs to happen to safeguard our devices and networks from participating in these botnet attacks? And how can IoT device originated attacks get quickly identified and stopped by network operators? In this post, we discuss scalable IoT DDoS protection.

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What’s Driving Advanced Network Analytics Adoption? Instant ROI

By Michelle Kincaid | Feb 12, 2018
Network Management

A new EMA report on network analytics is full of interesting takeaways, from reasons for deployment to use cases after analytics are up and running. In this post, we look specifically at the findings around adoption to see why and how organizations are leveraging network analytics.

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Seeing CDN Traffic with Kentik Detect

By Justin Ryburn, Technical Marketing Manager | Feb 8, 2018
Network Management

CDNs have been around for years, but they’ve gained new importance with the rise of video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. As traffic from those sites soars, CDNs introduce new challenges for network operations teams at both service providers and enterprises. Kentik Detect’s new CDN Attribution makes identifying and tracking CDN traffic a whole lot easier. In this blog, we provide examples of how companies can implement this functionality.

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What Do Poker and Networking Have in Common?

By Michelle Kincaid | Feb 7, 2018

If you’ve spent any amount of time with Kentik Co-founder and CEO Avi Freedman, you know he’s a networking nerd at heart. You may have also heard of his past (and sometimes current pastime) as a high-stakes poker player. Now, in merging two of Avi’s passions together, we’ve launched Kentik Poker!

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