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Month: November 2017

News in Networking: SD-WAN for $3.3B and Facebook’s Free Open/R Networking Tool

By Michelle Kincaid | Nov 17, 2017
Kentik News Digest

This week, we learned the SD-WAN market is forecasted to reach $3.3 billion by 2021. Everyone from Cisco and VMware to AT&T and Charter are taking note. Also this week, Facebook open-sourced its Open/R networking development platform, which it uses for its own wide-area networks, data center fabric and wireless mesh topologies. More after the jump…

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Level 3 Route Leak: What Kentik Saw

By Jim Meehan, Director of Product Marketing | Nov 15, 2017
Network Management

As last week’s misconfigured BGP routes from backbone provider Level 3 caused Internet outages across the nation, the monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities of Kentik Detect enabled us to identify the most-affected providers and assess the performance impact on our own customers. In this post we show how we did it and how our new ability to alert on performance metrics will make it even easier for Kentik customers to respond rapidly to similar incidents in the future.

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News in Networking: The Big Misconfig and IoT’s Enterprise Time Bomb

By Michelle Kincaid | Nov 10, 2017
Kentik News Digest

Last year it was the Dyn outage. This week, a network misconfiguration at Level 3 caused Comcast, Spectrum, Verizon, Cox, RCN and other telecos across the country to feel the effects of the outage. Also this week, findings from a Forrester survey revealed IoT is now an “enterprise security time bomb,” with a huge challenge around being able to identify these types of devices on the network. More after the jump…

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Improving Legacy Approaches to Network Capacity Management

By Justin Ryburn, Technical Marketing Manager | Nov 6, 2017
How-To, Network Management, Use Case

Managing network capacity can be a tough job for Network Operations teams at Service Providers and Enterprise IT. Most legacy tools can’t show traffic traversing the network and trend that data over time. In this post, we’ll look at how Kentik Detect changes all that with new Dashboards, Analytics, and Alerts that enable fast, easy planning for capacity changes and upgrades.

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News in Networking: VMware for SD-WAN, Google’s SDN, and Chevron’s Cloud

By Michelle Kincaid | Nov 3, 2017
Kentik News Digest

This week, VMware announced plans to acquire SD-WAN startup VeloCloud. Google released a new Andromeda SDN to reduce its cloud latency. SoftBank, Facebook, Amazon and others made plans to lay a 60-Tbps undersea cable from Juniper. And Energy giant Chevron selected Microsoft as its preferred cloud provider. Those headlines and more after the jump…

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