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Month: October 2017

News in Networking: Russian Internet for North Korea, Google Finds DNS Vulnerabilities

By Michelle Kincaid | Oct 6, 2017
Kentik News Digest

Reports this week suggest a Russian teleco started providing internet connectivity to North Korea. Russia also made headlines for its covert efforts to steal secrets from the NSA. Oracle made a bunch of news with its OpenWorld conference this week, including taking aim at AWS. And Google disclosed seven vulnerabilities in DNS’ Dnsmasq software. More headlines after the jump…

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Kentik APIs Enable Multi-Solution Integration

By Justin Ryburn, Technical Marketing Manager | Oct 2, 2017
Network Management

In today’s world of heterogeneous environments and distributed systems, APIs drive synergistic innovation, creating a whole that’s more powerful than the parts. Even in networking, where the CLI rules, APIs are now indispensable. At Kentik, APIs have been integral to our platform from the outset. In this post we look at how partners and customers are expanding the capabilities of their systems by combining Kentik with external tools.

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