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Month: September 2017

News in Networking: Data Center Hurricane Prep, Gambling with DDoS, and Rural Broadband

By Michelle Kincaid | Sep 8, 2017
Kentik News Digest

As the east coast prepares for Hurricane Irma, those with data centers in the storm’s path are also making efforts to avoid interruptions. DDoS attackers took a gamble this week, making a hit on popular online poker site America’s Cardroom. And a debate has up on how CenturyLink’s plans to acquire Level 3 Communications could affect broadband in rural areas. More after the jump…

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Using Interface Classification in Kentik Detect

By Greg Villain, Product & Philip De Lancie, Senior Writer | Sep 5, 2017
Network Management

In our latest post on Interface Classification, we look beyond what it is and how it works to why it’s useful, illustrated with a few use cases that demonstrate its practical value. By segmenting traffic based on interface characteristics (Connectivity Type and Network Boundary), you’ll be able to easily see and export valuable intelligence related to the cost and ROI of carrying a given customer’s traffic.

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