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Month: August 2017

News in Networking: New Data Centers, Same Old Internet Trolls

By Michelle Kincaid | Aug 25, 2017
Kentik News Digest

Apple announced two new data centers in Iowa. Cisco made another acquisition. VMware reported a strong quarter. DDoS attacks spiked. Google sped up TCP/IP. And Wired put together an interactive map to show where internet trolls live. More headlines after the jump…

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Visualizing the Digital Eclipse

By Jim Meehan, Director of Product Marketing | Aug 22, 2017
NetFlow Analysis

With much of the country looking skyward during the solar eclipse, you might wonder how much of an effect there was on network traffic. Was there a drastic drop as millions of watchers were briefly uncoupled from their screens? Or was that offset by a massive jump in live streaming and photo uploads? In this post we report on what we found using forensic analytics in Kentik Detect to slice traffic based on how and where usage patterns changed during the event.

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Monitoring DNS With Kentik Detect

By Justin Ryburn, Technical Marketing Manager | Aug 21, 2017
DDoS Protection, Network Management, Network Security

Domain Name Server (DNS) is often overlooked, but it’s one of the most critical pieces of Internet infrastructure. As driven home by last October’s crippling DDoS attack against Dyn, the Web can’t function unless DNS resolves hostnames to their underlying IP addresses. In this post we look at how combining Kentik’s software host agent with Dashboards in Kentik Detect gives you the tools you need to ensure DNS availability and performance.

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News in Networking: Internet v. Hate, DDoS Waves, and a $300M Cyber Hit

By Michelle Kincaid | Aug 18, 2017
Kentik News Digest

Web companies put the brakes on hate group Daily Stormer using their services. The EFF responded with a warning. A new DDoS attack known as “pulse wave” was uncovered. DDoS attacks hit a bunch of Blizzard Entertainment games. And the biggest shipping company said a single attack cost it nearly $300 million.

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The Why and How of Interface Classification

By Greg Villain, Product & Philip De Lancie, Senior Writer | Aug 14, 2017
NetFlow Analysis, Network Management

Kentik addresses the day-to-day challenges of network operations, but our unique big network data platform also generates valuable business insights. A great example of this duality is our new Interface Classification feature, which streamlines an otherwise-tedious technical task while also giving sales teams a real competitive advantage. In this post we look at what it can do, how we’ve implemented it, and how to get started.

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News in Networking: Docker, Disney, and Big Data Caps

By Michelle Kincaid | Aug 11, 2017
Kentik News Digest

Docker’s $1.3 billion valuation. Disney $1.6 billion acquisition for streaming services. And international internet speed tests and U.S. home internet data caps. Those stories and more after the jump.

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HBO Attack: Can Alerting Help Protect Data?

By Justin Ryburn, Technical Marketing Manager | Aug 9, 2017
Alerting, Network Management

Major cyber-security incidents keep on coming, the latest being the theft from HBO of 1.5 terabytes of private data. We often frame Kentik Detect’s advanced anomaly detection and alerting system in terms of defense against DDoS attacks, but large-scale transfer of data from private servers to unfamiliar destinations also creates anomalous traffic. In this post we look at several ways to configure our alerting system to see breaches like the attack on HBO.

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How Many Routes Do You Really Need?

By Justin Ryburn, Technical Marketing Manager | Aug 7, 2017
Network Management

With BGP and NetFlow correlated into a unified datastore, Kentik Detect’s advanced analytics provide valuable insights for both engineering and sales. In this post we look into a fairly recent addition to Kentik Detect, Route Traffic Analytics. Especially useful for capacity planners and peering coordinators, RTA makes it easy to see how many unique routes are represented in a given percent of your traffic, which indicates the route capacity needed in your edge routers.

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News in Networking: DDoS Mitigations and VPNs in China and Russia

By Michelle Kincaid | Aug 4, 2017
Kentik News Digest

DDoS attacks for all: Netflix tests against these disruptive attacks. Analyst firm Frost & Sullivan talks about how service providers need better DDoS mitigation. New Kaspersky Lab research recognized a Chinese telecom as seeing the biggest DDoS attack in Q2. More after the jump…

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