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Month: June 2016

Kentik Detect for Network Security

By David Monahan, Research Director, EMA | Jun 27, 2016
Analyst Report, Network Management, Network Security, Use Case

Network security depends on comprehensive, timely understanding of what’s happening on your network. As explained by information security executive and analyst David Monahan, among the key value-adds of Kentik Detect are the ways in which it enables network data to be applied — without add-ons or additional charges — to identify and resolve security issues. Monahan provides two use cases that illustrate how the ability to filter out and/or drill-down on dimensions such as GeoIP and protocol can tip you off to security threats.

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Common Ground for CIOs and CISOs

By David Monahan, Research Director, EMA | Jun 20, 2016
Analyst Report, Network Management

CIOs focus on operational issues like network and application performance, uptime, and workflows, while CISOs stress about malware, access control, and data exfiltration. The intersection of these concerns is the network, so it seems evident that CIOs and CISOs should work together instead of clashing over budgets and tools. In this post, network security analyst David Monahan makes the case for finding a solution that can keep both departments continuously and comprehensively well-informed about infrastructure, systems, and applications.

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Accuracy and Efficiency for Network Security

By David Monahan, Research Director, EMA | Jun 13, 2016
Analyst Report, Network Management, Network Security

This guest post brings a security perspective to bear on network visibility and analysis. Information security executive and analyst David Monahan underscores the importance of being able to collect and contextualize information in order to protect the network from malicious activity. Monahan explores the capabilities needed to support numerous network and security operations use cases, and describes Kentik Detect as a next-generation flow analytics solution with high performance, scalability, and flexibility.

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Why Network Traffic Visibility is Crucial for Managed Service Providers

By Alex Hoff, VP of Product Management, Auvik Networks | Jun 6, 2016
Analyst Report, NetFlow Analysis, Network Management

Today’s MSPs frequently find themselves without the insights needed to answer customer questions about network performance and security. To maintain customer confidence, MSPs need answers that they can only get by pairing infrastructure visibility with traffic analysis. In this post, guest contributor Alex Hoff of Auvik Networks explains how a solution combining those capabilities enables MSPs to win based on customer service.

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