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Month: May 2016

Leveraging Big Data for Continuous Improvement

By Jim Metzler, Vice-President,​ ​Ashton, Metzler and Associates | May 31, 2016
Analyst Report, NetFlow Analysis, Network Management

Intelligent use of network management data can enable virtually any company to transform itself into a successful digital business. In our third post in this series, we look at areas where traditional network data management approaches are falling short, and we consider how a Big Data platform that provides real-time answers to ad-hoc queries can empower IT organizations and drive continuous improvement in both business and IT operations.

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Peering for the Win

By Jim Meehan, Director of Product Marketing | May 23, 2016
Network Management, Peering Analytics

Traffic can get from anywhere to anywhere on the Internet, but that doesn’t mean all networks are directly connected. Instead, each network operator chooses the networks with which to connect. Both business and technical considerations are involved, and the ability to identify prime candidates for peering or transit offers significant competitive advantages. In this post we look at the benefits of intelligent interconnects and how networks can find the best peers to connect with.

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Kentik APIs for Customer Portal Integration

By Eric Graham , Solutions Engineer | May 16, 2016
How-To, Network Management, Technology

The network data collected by Kentik Detect isn’t limited to portal-only access; it can also be queried via SQL client or using Kentik’s RESTful APIs. In this how-to, we look how service providers can use our Data Explorer API to integrate traffic graphs into a customer portal, creating added-value content that can differentiate a provider from its competitors while keeping customers committed and engaged.

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Transforming NetOps with Big Data

By Jim Metzler, Vice-President,​ ​Ashton, Metzler and Associates | May 8, 2016
Analyst Report, NetFlow Analysis, Network Management

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s economy, today’s savvy companies are transitioning into the world of digital business. In this post — the second of a three-part series — guest contributor Jim Metzler examines the key role that Big Data can play in that transformation. By revolutionizing how operations teams collect, store, access, and analyze network data, a Big Data approach to network management enables the agility that companies will need to adapt and thrive.

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Inside the Kentik Data Engine, Part 2

By Jim Meehan, Director of Product Marketing | May 2, 2016
How-To, Product, Technology

In part 2 of our tour of Kentik Data Engine, the distributed backend that powers Kentik Detect, we continue our look at some of the key features that enable extraordinarily fast response to ad hoc queries even over huge volumes of data. Querying KDE directly in SQL, we use actual query results to quantify the speed of KDE’s results while also showing the depth of the insights that Kentik Detect can provide.

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