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Month: January 2016

Introducing BGP Peering Analytics in Kentik Detect

By Dan Ellis, CTO | Jan 26, 2016
Company, Peering Analytics, Technology

By mapping customer traffic merged with topology and BGP data, Kentik Detect now provides a way to visualize traffic flow across across your network, through the Internet, and to a destination. This new Peering Analytics feature will primarily be used to determine who to peer (interconnect) with. But as you’ll see, Peering Analytics has use cases far beyond peering.

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NetFlow, Cloud, and Data: Pacing Network Visibility With Growth

By Shamus McGillicudy, Senior Analyst, Network Management, EMA | Jan 19, 2016
Analyst Report, Network Management

In today’s hyperconnected world, the network sees all. Network operators can capture a tremendous amount of useful data from their infrastructure. The tricky part is extracting useful and actionable information from all that data. Everything about your business traverses the network Network data is a source of truth for everything in the modern business. Network […]

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Exploring for Insights on Anomalous Network Traffic

By Jim Frey, VP of Channels | Jan 11, 2016
DDoS Protection, How-To, NetFlow Analysis, Network Management

By actively exploring network traffic with Kentik Detect you can reveal attacks and exploits that you haven’t already anticipated in your alerts. In previous posts we showed a range of techniques that help determine whether anomalous traffic indicates that a DDoS attack is underway. This time we dig deeper, gathering the actionable intelligence required to mitigate an attack without disrupting legitimate traffic.

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