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Month: December 2015

Designing for Database Fairness

By Ian Pye, Co-founder & Principal Engineer | Dec 21, 2015
Network Management, Technology

Kentik Detect is powered by Kentik Data Engine (KDE), a massively-scalable distributed HA database. One of the challenges of optimizing a multitenant datastore like KDE is to ensure fairness, meaning that queries by one customer don’t impact performance for other customers. In this post we look at the algorithms used in KDE to keep everyone happy and allocate a fair share of resources to every customer’s queries.

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Using Kentik Detect to Find Current Attacks

By Jim Frey, VP of Channels | Dec 15, 2015
DDoS Protection, How-To, NetFlow Analysis, Network Management

With massive data capacity and analytical flexibility, Kentik Detect makes it easy to actively explore network traffic. In this post we look at how to use this capability to rapidly discover and analyze interesting and potentially important DDoS and other attack vectors. We start with filtering by source geo, then zoom in on a time-span with anomalous traffic. By looking at unique source IPs and grouping traffic by destination IP we find both the source and the target of an attack.

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Detecting Hidden Spambots

By Jim Meehan, Director of Product Marketing | Dec 2, 2015
How-To, NetFlow Analysis, Network Management, Network Security

If your network visibility tool lets you query only those flow details that you’ve specified in advance then you’re likely vulnerable to threats that you haven’t anticipated. In this post we’ll explore how SQL querying of Kentik Detect’s unified, full-resolution datastore enables you to drill into traffic anomalies, to identify threats, and to define alerts that notify you when similar issues recur.

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