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Month: November 2015

DDoS Detection: Separating Friend from Foe

By Alex Henthorn-Iwane, VP Product Marketing | Nov 23, 2015
DDoS Protection, How-To, NetFlow Analysis, Technology

DDoS attacks impact profits by interrupting revenue and undermining customer satisfaction. To minimize damage, operators must be able to rapidly determine if a traffic spike is a true attack and then to quickly gather the key information required for mitigation. Kentik Detect’s Data Explorer is ideal for precisely that sort of drill-down.

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Metrics for Microservices

By Ian Pye, Co-founder & Principal Engineer | Nov 16, 2015
Network Management, Technology

Kentik Detect handles tens of billions of network flow records and many millions of sub-queries every day using a horizontally scaled distributed system with a custom microservice architecture. Instrumentation and metrics play a key role in performance optimization.

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