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Month: September 2015

A Compelling Cloud Approach to Network Visibility

By Alex Henthorn-Iwane, VP Product Marketing | Sep 24, 2015
Company, NetFlow Analysis, Network Management

Taken together, three additional attributes of Kentik Detect — self-service, API-enabled, and multi-tenant — further enhance the fundamental advantages of Kentik’s cloud-based big data approach to network visibility.

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PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrappers

By Ian Pye, Co-founder & Principal Engineer | Sep 11, 2015

Relational databases like PostgreSQL have long been dominant for data storage and access, but sometimes you need access from your application to data that’s either in a different database format, in a non-relational database, or not in a database at all. As shown in this “how-to” post, you can do that with PostgreSQL’s Foreign Data Wrapper feature.

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